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Thank you for choosing BelCa Tours & Coach!

Hi BelCa,

I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful trip! Even with the storm, your driver was fabulous and we felt very safe on the way there and back.

We had such an enjoyable week-end thanks to you! We didn’t have to worry about any of the driving.

We take this trip on the same week-end in February every year and I would like to book you again next year.

I would also like to request the same driver too if possible! Please also let him know that he really did an excellent job and was very calm during the storm. His professionalism showed throughout our trip. He dressed very smartly and was so well mannered.


Wendy Pickles
Simply Highland Dance School


I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Grand Duchess Olga Parish School at Christ The Saviour Russian Orthodox Cathedral In Toronto. I would like to thank you for the excellent bus service provided by your firm at time of our school trip we had the great experience with your excellent bus driver, who certainly did the great job. We were impressed by his professionalism, his kindness and attention to our needs.

Good luck to you and thank you again!

Best regards,

Irina Dubova
School Principal
823 Manning Ave., Toronto On., M6G 2W9

Hi Andrew,

On behalf of the Senior Tamil Society of Peel, I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided for our members on March 26th & 27th of 2011on the trip to Montreal and back.

We look forward for your services in the future as well.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Nanthini Prathaban
Asst. Coordinator(STSP)

Good day,

I want to let you know that we had great services with BELCA tour. I Musici de Montréal had requested your services from October 1st to October 6th 2010. Vitali our buss driver did a great job.

He found at the last minutes a solution to occupied the musicians, will waiting for our first violinist that had to go to the hospital (broken wrist); He always brought us on time to concerts hall and help out with the double bass.
Also, he was always available and obliging.

Thank you very much for the great service Vitaly and BELCA tour!!

Best regards,

Amelie Fraser Pelletier
Coordonnatrice du service à la clientèle
Customer service coordinator

 279 Sherbrooke Ouest, 404
Montréal, Qc, H2X 1Y2
Téléphone : 514-982-6038

Good afternoon Andrew,

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with your company and the service we received from our driver.

Here are a few things that I felt stood out:

1. The bus was clean and comfortable.
2. A driver was a safe driver who knew the roads well.
3. A driver handled the tolls/borders professionally and calmly.
4. A driver was early for both pick ups. 2 thumbs up for that!
5. He helped load our luggage – and there was lots of it!
6. When asked to come back to the Buffalo airport to return a passport, he did so without complaining.

This trip was a significant undertaking for our school, with many stages of planning and logistics. Not having used your company ever before I didn’t know what to expect. I was more than happy with the service and I will definitely be contacting you the next time we do this trip (January 2011). Knowing how professional and efficient you are, it will be one less concern for me in future years.

I will also not hesitate to recommend you to all my contacts in the GTA. You definitely earned their business.

Thanks again,

Rich Janes
Director of Recruiting/Communication & 

First year programm
Master’s College & Seminary
282 Cummer Avenue, Toronto, ON. M2M 2E7
Phone: 1-416-482-2224 ext.243

Thank you for your services at our CVSPA WHPA.

Thank you for your services at our CVSPA WHPA Site Visit held June 9, 2009. Everything went smoothly and once again a driver did a great job.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Valérie Dubail,
Administrative. Assistant, Source Water Protection
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
5 Shoreham Dr.
Downsview ON M3N 1S4
416 661-6600 ext 5568

Hello Andrew,

I just wanted to tell you that we had a great trip and that Ray was a fantastic driver. He had to put up with a lot from the rain and heavy traffic to our large loud group and he did so fantastically. Thanks we will definitely be contacting you if we do any more trips in the future.

Tobin king
Boston Pizza
BP Hamilton West

Good Morning Andrew,

I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that we had a fantastic trip on Saturday. Aside from the expected delays, everything wen Special thanks to Ray, he was an excellent driver and a great addition to our group. When we plan our next trip, we’d love to have him along again! In fact, things went so well that one of the Staff Association members, Kim LeRoux, is considering planning a trip of her own! I’ve copied her on the email so that you two may communicate about all the details.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Judy Grandison
Health & Dental Claims, Affinity Markets
(416) 687-3574

Hi Andrew ,

Sorry, I didn’t have a chance to get back to you on our trip from last weekend. Everything turned out wonderful your driver Kula was great taking us to our locations listed on the agenda, and little extra stops for other people. He was funny and knew where he was going i think it worked out for us and everyone enjoyed themselves. I will keep your number on hand in case we do another trip next year we want Kula again.

Thanks for everything.

Pat Canizares
Stationery Clerk/Receptionist
Finance, Administration & IT

A great big thanks to Andrew Semenov, General Manager of BelCa Tours and Coach

I was up and out the door early. After a quick head count at the King St. site I made my way over to the Sheraton hoping to see an empty spot where Lily had a sleep over. Nope, she’s still there but this morning she is restless and obviously is not comfortable there anymore, probably hunger is becoming her main drive to leave. I also can confirm that Unity is still on the ledge. A few puffs of white still evident but she is constantly preening it out.

At street level am in a good position to see all three juvies. Belle who was on the Starbucks building is now on the balcony of the office building just west of York and Adelaide. Belle took off and made her way to the terrace of Lombard Place. Later she will be discovered on the shoulders of 120 Adelaide st. At around 9:00 a.m. Lily took off from her window sill at the Keg area and headed east through the pedestrian court. Knowing that’s short flight, I found her on the ground, but there was lots of open space and she immediately took off a second time flying low, heading north and towards the Richmond St. Her flight was low and flew just over the skylights of the court area.
I was thinking she may do the “bat thing on the wall of the Sheraton, she instead landed on the roof of a High- way Coach. I immediately found the driver as he was boarding passengers and told him of his stow-away. At first they driver was not concerned, and others did not understand the situation, but after informing them of our young birds and showing them Little Lily, they immediately gave me their full support.

Mark Nash was immediately called when she landed, and he and Marion were on their way. At the same time I receive a call to report a “downed” bird at Front Street. Sue from FLAP happen to arrive on site earlier after a rescue of a Wood Duck, and had returned. She volunteered to go and help the grounded Kestrel on Front St.

With the assistance of building operators from the Oxford Properties, Tiberio Mederios who also obtained a ladder for us, and Joe Silva. We were all in place and ready to go.

Marion directed traffic around the area of the bus, I stood on the sidewalk near the front of the bus, to distract Lily. Tiberio held the ladder as Mark went up the ladder with the net and gently scooped our little “Stow-way” Lily.

With cheers from the crowd that had gathered in the pedestrian court,Lily was briefly introduced to “her” people. With oohs and awhhs, the everyone now understood why we go out of our way to protect these birds from certain dangers. A quick examination and Lily was no worse for the wear. She is healthy,lovely and certainly a hand full, as Mark has the “marks” on his arms to prove it. She will be put back on the ledge after dark.

The remainder of the day was generally quiet, Belle was on the lower of the Adelaide buildings at 1:00p.m. and thought to have been seen on the taller of the Adelaide buildings,at 3:45 p.m. but by the time I got to a second spotting angle, the bird had gone. After the rains, another check and I could not see Belle, and adult was on the north east corner of Dominion Securities, a new place, while the second adult was on the Antenna of the Sheraton at 4:20 pm Food went into the ledge at 6:15p.m.

At 8;00p.m. Adult on the cooling tower railings of 120 Adelaide, Belle was on the east side shoulder of 120 Adelaide. Unity on the nest ledge sleeping and Lily was in the departure lounge.

At 10:30p.m. Mark and I did a one last examination of Lily before placing her back on the ledge. No evident signs of any injuries, feathers were all intact. While giving her water, allowed us a chance to see the mouth cavity and it was pink and clear. Her eyes were clear and focused on us. She was ready. A quick look through the camera to find Unity under the night time camera, which was perfect. Just where we would like to have her. Lily was placed back on the ledge and did not disturb Unity.
All was quiet when we left the area.

A great big thanks to Andrew Semenov, General Manager of BelCa Tours and Coach. Tiberio Medeiros,of Oxford Properties for obtaining a ladder and safely assisting Mark. Sheraton Centre Hotel, for the disruption at curb side of the motor coach area. To all the office people that gathered around the area and gave their moral support.

What a day and another story for the book “Remember The Time”.

It seems Sheraton Birds always have the best rescues ever!