Charter Deluxe Coach Buses and Shuttle Buses are available for any of your preferred bus transportation need. All of our buses are driven by our reliable and experienced drivers that have the proven industry experience.

Our charter bus fleet is made of the Prevost H-series coach buses which are best suited for touring as well as any charter bus trips. All of our deluxe motor-coaches have a modern and professional look from the outside. On the inside our charter buses provide both our drivers as well as passengers an impressively large panoramic view and the largest possible under-floor storage capacity. In addition, every deluxe charter motor-coach bus comes with AC, DVD/CD,PA system, and washroom.

In terms of safety, the Prevost brand is preferred because all Prevost H-series charter motor-coaches are made with many impressive passive safety as well as dynamic safety features. Passive safety features are the systems that protect occupants in the event of an accident. Dynamic safety refers to the motor-coach systems that aid drivers in avoiding accidents. The Prevost robust integral structure provides for excellent passenger-safety (passive safety). The ergonomically designed dash, steering, and wheel control as well as the overall compact and efficient architecture of all H-series motor-coaches enable our drivers to maintain the highest level of control over the charter buses.

All of our Deluxe Charter Motor-Coaches are maintained and regularly serviced by our loyal and trusted mechanics at the service shop located right next to the parking lot of our fleet. Our mechanical shop is located at our rented facility in order to ensure that the needed maintenance services are immediate and close to our fleet.Every charter bus rented for a given trip is firstly inspected by our mechanics, serviced and maintained, and then approved for departure by the BelCa management.